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HHC - Blue Cookies Flower

HHC - Blue Cookies Flower


Access one of the newest cannabinoids with Green Herbal Care’s HHC Dipped Hemp Flower. Experience mild euphoria and ease your daily stress and worries. Infused in HHC and rich in botanical terpenes, you will expect a less potent feeling of using Delta-8 THC but a fuller sensation than CBD. It is perfect for everyday relaxation.

Key Facts

  • HHC-infused flower in every jar
  • Natural flavor
  • USA-made
  • Pesticide-free
  • THC-free
  • Category smoke
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    • No Pesticides

    • Lab Tested

    • NON GMO

    • GMP Certified

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    Dive into the world of Green Herbal Care’s HHC Dipped Hemp Flower, an exciting introduction to the latest cannabinoid trend. This infused flower offers a mild euphoria, washing away daily stresses and instilling relaxation. Embracing the botanical richness of terpenes, it sits between Delta-8 THC's potency and CBD's subtleness, making it perfect for unwinding anytime.

    Discover Tranquility:

    Step into a realm of tranquility with Green Herbal Care’s HHC Dipped Hemp Flower. Crafted for gentle relaxation, this flower introduces you to the wonders of HHC. Unlike its more intense counterpart, Delta 8 THC, HHC offers a milder experience, creating a delightful balance between calming effects and a touch of euphoria. Infused with botanical terpenes, this flower elevates your mood and reduces stress, all while remaining within legal limits. Enjoy a daily escape that’s as legal as it is soothing.

    The Gentle Cannabinoid:

    HHC, also known as the “gentle cannabinoid,” combines therapeutic benefits with a hint of euphoria. Unlike Delta-8 THC, it provides a more subdued experience, ideal for relaxation without overwhelming intensity. Derived from CBD, it boasts the soothing qualities of its origin while being THC-free. This not only ensures legality but also lets you unwind without concerns.

    More Than Just Relaxation:

    Dive into a pool of calmness. HHC Dipped Hemp Flower offers more than just relaxation; it's your ticket to a stress-free zone. With its water-soluble nature, HHC’s benefits are absorbed more efficiently, ensuring anxiety and stress reduction. Elevate your evenings with improved sleep quality, let your appetite thrive, and give digestion a boost. The slightly euphoric sensation it provides is the cherry on top, offering a delightful experience that’s perfect for everyday unwinding.