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What is Delta-8 Flower?

Delta-8 flower is hemp flower to which manufacturers add Delta-8 THC because raw hemp flower is not potent enough to offer the benefits users seek. Delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid derived from hemp plants that offer several wellness benefits through a smooth smoking experience.

As a smokable product, Delta-8 THC flower produces calming effects that enable people to relieve stress and tension. After adding the compound to the buds, they are allowed to dry to become suitable for smoking.

what is delta-8 flower
what are the benefits of delta-8 flower

What are the Benefits of Delta-8 Flower?

Smooth Smoking Experience

THC makes you feel high. Since Delta-8 THC is less potent, smoking the flower produces mildly sedative effects, unlike Delta-9 THC. So, you will experience lesser psychoactive effects with a balanced high.


Studies suggest that low doses of Delta-8 help relieve anxiety. Also, since it creates a mild psychotropic effect, it does not trigger stress or hallucination.

Increased Appetite

Delta-8 flowers are therapeutic and have more benefits than Delta-9 THC. It affects appetite and helps the body absorb the required nutrients. Many users report weight loss due to increased metabolism.

Nausea Reduction

Smoking Delta-8 hemp flower helps suppress nausea and vomiting. It is rich in antiemetic properties and helps chemotherapy patients treat nauseatic symptoms.


This product contains D8, which has neuroprotective capabilities. Apart from hormone regulation to reduce pain, it also helps maintain calcium or potassium levels in the brain’s central nervous system to boost brain health.

How to Use Delta-8 Hemp Flower?

Got premium D8 flowers and wondering how you can experience it in the best way possible? While smoking is the way to go, here are the different ways to smoke them.

Pre-Rolls or Joints

It is the most popular way to consume D8 flowers. You can either learn to grind the buds and roll a joint with them or buy pre-rolls for effortless and convenient smoking.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

These are electronic vaping devices featuring a small compartment to place the buds. They are usually battery-operated, and the press of a button heats the herb and releases its compounds for you to inhale.

Bongs or Pipes

Those who usually smoke in the comfort of their couch can buy a bong, pipe, or both. They are ideal for smoking D8 flowers without rolling a joint. Additionally, they do not require you to grind the buds as much as you would with a joint. Like with joints, you also save time.

The best part about bongs and pipes is that they come in different sizes and designs, perfect for those who prefer something classy or flashy. The one noticeable drawback might be the harsh throat hit you may experience with larger models.

However, if you choose a high-end product, it may have filters to cool the smoke before directing it to your lungs.

In What Strains are Delta-8 Flowers Available?

Green Herbal Care strives to bring you the best in quality and variety. Get the most out of our D8 flowers with our selection of delightful strains.

      • Blue Dream - Sativa
      • White Runts - Hybrid
      • Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid
      • Wedding Cake - Hybrid
      • Chemdawg - Hybrid
      • Peach Goliath - Hybrid
      • Green Nueve - Hybrid
      • SFG OG - Indica
      • Master Kush - Indica
      • Paris OG - Indica
      • Legendary OG - Indica
      • Gary Payton - Hybrid
      • Sundae Driver - Hybrid

These are all available in various weights - 1g, 3.5g, 7gm, 14, and 1oz for convenience. Choose what you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta-8 flower get you high?

Yes, smoking it will get you high. However, the psychoactive effects are milder than Delta-9. The high is relatively low unless you overconsume the product.

Is Delta-8 flower safe?

Yes, Delta-8 flower is natural and safe for consumption. Consuming low doses only produces mild psychoactive effects, inducing relaxation.

How is Delta-8 flower made?

Manufacturers synthesize Delta-8 THC from hemp-derived CBD. It allows them to get a high percentage of the compound with small amounts of other cannabinoids.

Can you fly with Delta-8 flower?

No. Avoid flying with Delta-8 products, as different countries have different guidelines and impose strict regulations on hemp or cannabis products. Ensure checking with your airlines and staying up-to-date with state regulations.

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