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What is THCa Wax?

THCa wax is concentrated hemp. You may know it as THCa dabs. It offers pure and potent effects and differs from conventional THC-infused products.

THCa wax retains tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) instead of decarboxylating and converting it into THC. As you already know, THCa is non-psychoactive until heated. It is perfect for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of hemp with instant psychoactive effects.

How is THCa Wax Made?

Creating THCa wax involves fusing precision and skills. The concentrate undergoes purification after extraction to enhance its THCa content. This process may involve an extra step like winterization to remove fats and lipids and make the product more pure and potent. High-quality concentrate provides therapeutic effects with compelling flavor and scent since the terpenes are preserved during extraction.

It is an intricate production process that separates the best THCa dabs from average products. Hence, consumers seek premium THCa wax at every hemp store

Is Wax THC or THCa?

THCa wax is the most popular. It is concentrated hemp in a non-psychoactive form and turns into THC once heated. However, users can also mix concentrates with edibles for no euphoric but pure therapeutic benefits. The effects of this method last longer with slower onset. For immediate effects, vape THCa dabs in vape carts or rigs.

Does Dabbing THCa Get You High?

While many sources will give you the long answer, we want to help you get your answers without the complexities. Dabbing THCa introduces the concentrate to heat, which triggers decarboxylation and converts it into the psychoactive THC.

How to Dab THCa Diamonds?

Dabbing THCa diamonds is easy, but you need the equipment and careful handling for the best experience. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Get clean equipment, like a torch, dab rig, dab tool, and a carb cap.
  • Pick up a small amount of THCa diamonds with the dab tool.
  • ● Use the torch to heat the nail until it is red hot. Are you using an e-nail? Set it to the desired temperature, which is between 450°F and 600°F for THCa.
  • ● Let the nail cool for about a minute to preserve the terpenes for a smoother hit.
  • ● Place the diamonds onto the nail with the dab tool and inhale slowly with the mouthpiece. Rotate the tool slowly to vaporize all the diamonds.
  • ● Cover the nail with the carb cap to keep the vapor and enjoy a full hit. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.
  • ● Done dabbing? Use a cotton swab to clean the nail and remove any residue. It helps maintain the rig’s flavor and performance.

Dabbing THCa diamonds can offer a pure and powerful experience with their high THCa concentration. Enjoy responsibly.

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