79.50% of Gummy-Related Searches are on Gummy Bears

79.50% of Gummy-Related Searches are on Gummy Bears

Gummies are sweet or sour gelatin-based chewable confectionery. They have names like gummy candies, gummy candies, and jelly sweets.

They are highly popular and dominate the sweets industry with an assortment of shapes and colors. Also, they attract kids with their colorful imitation of mini bears and worms.

Gummies usually comprise gelatin, corn syrup, starch, sucrose, and water. Different brands use colors and flavors to make them look more appealing. They may also contain malic and citric acid for a tart flavor. Some manufacturers may use gelling agents, such as pectin and starch instead of gelatin to prepare gummies for vegans.

Most Popular Gummies Based on Internet Search Demands

Gummies can be of variety. We used Semrush to determine the most searched gummies on the Internet. Our search led to the most popular gummies, with some being more popular than others.

Out of 100%, some gummy types have more demand than others, with gummy bears taking the top spot.

  • Gummy Bears: If you are into gummies, you must have heard of gummy bears. Originating in Germany, it has the most monthly search volume in the US, standing at 79.50%.
  • Gummy Worms: Its monthly search volume stands at 158940. Worms, as the name implies, look like colorful worms and are very popular among users.
  • Gummy Sharks: Do not be mistaken. It is not the real marine gummy shark, but eatable confectionery shaped like sharks. Many searchers seek vegan or sugar-free gummy sharks. While we cannot be entirely sure what makes them popular, we believe it is a matter of personal preference.
  • Gummy Rings: Peach ring gummies and gummy apple rings are some of the most sought-after products in the market, especially in the hemp industry. They are ring-shaped gummies usually covered in sweet or sour powder and have a monthly search of more than 24000.
  • Gummy Frogs: Adorable frog gummies have been a desired candy since the 1930s. You will find them in red and green colors, look like forms, and have the same formula and consistency as gummi bears.
  • Gummy Bottles: Bottles have a catchy, tempting shape. But you cannot eat them. How about tiny bottle-shaped gummies? Bottle gummies are highly popular in the US with a 0.25% monthly search percentage.
  • Gummy Teeth: Teeth gummies have been very popular in Australia since the 1930s. Gummi teeth are usually pink and white, with white being the teeth and pink as the gums.
  • Baby Gummies: It has its origin in the UK in the mid-1800s. Baby gummies were the first shaped gummies. While they are still available, they are not as popular as they were back then because other more sought-after shapes have taken over the market. Their monthly US search percentage is only 0.12%.
  • Roadkill Gummies: Roadkill gummy candies are at the bottom of the list with only 390 search volume. They are usually animal-shaped gummies that look run over by a vehicle. You can already guess their controversial look, for which the brands manufacturing them pulled back production.

These gummies have the most online searches. As you can see, a few of them are at the top of the popularity list, while the others are not so much. For more information on types of gummies, click here.

Why Gummies? Are They Any Good?

There is a reason why people of all ages like gummies. They offer various benefits over other consumables like tablets.

Gummies Offer Better Absorption: Our body absorbs gummies faster than tablets. It makes absorbing the ingredients more efficient.

Gummies are Chewable: Got bad teeth? Chewing gummies is perfect for anyone having trouble chewing hard good. You can eat gummies anytime, anywhere. You need not carry a water bottle either.

Gummies are Stomach-Friendly: Since they break down and get absorbed seamlessly, they show faster effectiveness while also being a good match for your stomach.

Gummies are Delicious: They are available in a wide range of flavors. So, you can choose the taste you prefer.

Gummies We Offer

At Green Herbal Care, we know how popular gummies are. But above that, we understand the effectiveness and gut-friendliness of gummies. So, we offer customers a selected collection of high-quality, pure hemp-infused gummies, such as:

Delta-9 Gummies: Injected with the power of Delta-9 THC, Live Rosin gummies are square golden gummies with 10mg D9 per piece.

HHC Gummies: Rich in 25mg HHC per gummy, they introduce you to HHC benefits in every bite. What’s more? They are adorable gummy bears.

THC-O Gummies: Love watermelon slices? Our THC-O gummies resemble the same but include THC-O for euphoric sensations.

What are your favorite gummies? Are you into bears, worms, or rings, or did some other type catch your attention?

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