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Based on 1903 reviews
Gush Mint Flower
Sean Moseley
Quality Product

Appreciate the purity and natural essence. No additives, just genuine quality.

Potent and Smooth

Great potency and smooth smoking experience.

Exceptional Flavor

Each puff is a burst of botanical goodness. Highly recommended!

Gush Mint Flower
Noah Stradbroke
Perfect Clear-Headed High

No overwhelming effects, just pure enjoyment!

Top-notch vape

Easy to use, clean, and delivers potent vapor. Definitely my go-to device now.

Solid performance

It heats evenly, and the battery lasts surprisingly long. Great for everyday vaping.

Exceptional quality

Definitely worth the investment.

CBD Water
Luca Bury
Daily balance

It's clean, refreshing, and keeps me balanced.

CBD Water
Decent Hydration

Decent hydration with a hint of CBD. I enjoy the purity but expected a stronger effect.

Taste of wellness

Tastes great and keeps me feeling good throughout the day.

Didn't Notice Much Difference

Unfortunately, these softgels didn't seem to have much effect on my sleep or stress levels.

Effective, But Pricey

While effective, the cost of these softgels is a bit steep.

Decent Results, Could Be Stronger

The softgels helped take the edge off my anxiety, but I was hoping for a bit more potency.

Life-Changing Relief

These softgels have transformed my daily routine. I feel calmer and more focused throughout the day.

Perfect Burn Every Time!

Smooth, even burn with no runs. Definitely my new go-to!

Great Convenience

Love how easy these cones are to fill and smoke.

Pre-Rolled Cones
Amelie Eden

These cones are perfect for a hassle-free smoke. The transparent paper enhances the flavor.

Fair product

The oil feels nice, but I didn't notice a significant difference.

Love it!

It's luxurious, calming, and perfect for self-care.

Good for sensitive skin

The oil is gentle and moisturizing, though the scent could be more pronounced.

Great vaporizer

It heats up quickly and delivers decent flavor. A good buy!

Compact and effective

Charging is quick and the design is durable. Worth the purchase!

Decent performance, compact size

The Jump heats up quickly and the vapor quality is good. Battery life could be better for extended sessions.


The Jump is my go-to vaporizer now.

THCA Hemp Flower
Smooth and consistent

Consistent potency and good flavor.