Can You Add CBD Oil in a Drink?

Can You Put CBD Oil in a Drink

Did you see your friend adding CBD oil to their drinks, or was it that viral video circulating on social media? Wherever you may have seen it, people have been blending CBD oil into their favorite drinks, from cocktails to coffee.

It is because CBD has been an increasingly popular ingredient in the wellness industry for the past few years. Cannabidiol (CBD) has potential wellness benefits that can help you enjoy a more balanced life.

You can consume it in various ways, one of which is to add the oil to your drink. It is easy, convenient, and perfect for on-the-go experiences. Also, those who do not like the natural grassy smell of CBD can completely conceal it this way.

So, since you can put CBD oil in your drink, what are the appropriate steps to do it?

There is nothing much to do. Just pour a few drops of it into your drink and mix it well. Keep in mind that some drinks may work better with CBD. Now, let’s dive deeper!

Can You Add CBD to Any Drink?

You can pour a few drops of CBD oil into hot and cold drinks without reducing its effects. Quite simply, if you drink something that is not too hot or cold, the CBD should retain its potency. Still unclear? Let us discuss it a bit more.

Avoid adding CBD to boiling water because it may evaporate and lose its effects. So, if you decide to add it to your morning cup of coffee, wait until it finishes brewing.

One clever way to ensure you enjoy the most out of your cannabidiol is to add it after you have prepared the drink. It helps the oil to mix well with the other ingredients, avoiding oily bubbles.

Likewise, if you add the oil to chilled beverages, ensure they are not cold because extreme temperatures can thicken the oil and prevent it from mixing with other ingredients.

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How Long Does CBD Take to Kick in a Drink?

Can You Put CBD Oil in a Drink

Generally, you can enjoy the effects of CBD energy drinks for 3-4 hours. The solution should kick in within 10-30 minutes.

However, while adding CBD oil to your drink is effective, you will have a better experience with sublingual consumption, irrespective of whether you choose an isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD oil.

The reason is that drinking CBD-infused drinks will cause it to break down during digestion. This way, some cannabinoid is wasted while their potency and bioavailability are reduced. It also takes longer for the CBD to show effect.

Sublingual consumption is different. Place a few drops under the tongue and hold for a few minutes. The capillaries under the tongue quickly absorb and push it to the bloodstream for quick effect.

Can CBD Oil Change the Taste of Your Drink?

Have you ever tried drinking CBD oil? It has a weird taste, which can be described as earthy. So, adding it to your drink can conceal that taste. But it may also ruin your drink if you don’t have the amount right.

How CBD oil tastes and feels depends on several factors. Flavored full-spectrum CBD oil usually has a stronger taste for its inclusion of many plant compounds, unlike CBD isolate, which has a lighter taste. Additionally, CBD oil is less noticeable if it is better refined.

CBD & Coffee: 

Perhaps many people’s favorite, CBD and coffee have their benefits. Coffee energizes and uplifts, while CBD calms, creating a perfect balance for you.

Some users say that this combination also soothes any possible caffeine-induced headaches. Starting the day with this blend may be productive.

CBD & Tea: 

Tea calms the mind, and CBD may be able to enhance this perk. Try this duo in the morning or before bed to reduce the day’s buzz.

CBD & Smoothie: 

Adding CBD to your smoothie can be a fun way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoid. It helps create a nice texture and flavor, concealing the earthy taste and giving your smoothie the extra vitamin punch.

It may also be capable of boosting absorption because you have mixed it with a smoothie and will not be digesting it on an empty stomach.

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Final Words

CBD oil is oil-based. Since oil and water do not mix well, it can be hard to absorb CBD oil. By using water-soluble CBD, you let your body absorb it more effectively. However, you only need to add a small amount to your drink for the best effects.

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