What Is Cannabigerol (CBG)? Benefits, Risks And More

what is cannabigerol cbg cannaboid

What is CBG? What Does CBG Do?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. Experts refer to it as the mother of all cannabinoids; there’s a good reason for this. All cannabinoids come from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), an acidic form of CBG.

While cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are available abundantly, CBG is available in trace amounts in young hemp plants. But it has been becoming popular for its many potential benefits.

Younger hemp plants contain higher concentrations of CBG. On the other hand, fully developed plants have higher concentrations of CBD and THC, so CBG is lesser. Most plant strains have only 1% of it as CBG converts by the time the plants develop.

The genetic and biochemical composition of some hemp strains gives them a higher CBG content. It has led many hemp farmers to choose genetic manipulation to acquire more cannabigerol from the plants.

Product manufacturers extract CBG from fresh plants because most of it is lost as the plants age. CBG occurs in trace amounts in hemp plants, which makes CBG-infused products a little expensive.

CBG is available in its acidic form cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) in young hemp. As the plants grow, CBGA transforms into the acidic forms of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (CBDA and THCA), respectively. Manufacturers heat them to convert them into CBD and THC.

CBG-infused gummies and tinctures are a few product types you can find. Some CBG products, such as our GHC CBG Full Spectrum Gummy Sour Bears and GHC Full Spectrum CBG/CBD Oil, combine CBG with CBD to produce complementary effects, like temporary pain and inflammation reduction.

How Does CBG Work?

Let’s talk a little about how the mother of all cannabinoids work. Our bodies comprise the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which consists of different receptors and molecules responsible for regulating our bodies and keeping them optimized.

When CBG enters the body, it imitates the endocannabinoids. However, since it isn’t psychotropic, it does not create a high.

What Are Cannabinoid Receptors?

The human body has two types of cannabinoid receptors - the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The brain and nervous system contain the CB1 receptors, and the immune system and other body parts contain the CB2 receptors.

CBG binds to both receptors and is thought to bolster anandamide’s function. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter, just like many others in the brain. It is responsible for boosting the brain’s motivation and pleasure, reducing pain, and improving sleep and appetite.

What is the Difference Between CBD and CBG?

CBD and CBG are non-psychoactive. They do not have intoxicating effects but differ in their molecular structure, which results in slightly different effects on the body.

The main difference is that CBG lacks research, unlike CBD, and its studies are typically conducted on animals. Even without abundant research, however, there may be some points of similarity between them. One of them is that both CBG and CBD stimulate appetite. However, we need more research to confirm this.

What Are the Benefits of CBG?

benefits of cannabigerol cbg

Although there is a lack of abundant research on the therapeutic benefits of CBG, anecdotal studies have shown a few potential benefits. They are as follows.

Stress Relief: 

Similar to most hemp-derived cannabinoids, CBG may be capable of reducing anxiety and stress. Users report that using it has helped them experience some relief.

Bacterial Infections: 

CBG may have antibacterial properties and could be beneficial in keeping bacteria at bay.

Chronic Pain Relief: 

Chronic pain affects about 51.6 million Americans. CBG has been in use for reducing chronic pain, too. A significant number of people report better relief than conventional painkillers.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): 

Some use CBG seeking relief from IBD. But most of them use it to improve their appetite and reduce pain.

Can CBG Cause a High? What You Need to Understand

What Are the Side Effects of CBG?

There are side effects, for sure, but they are not threatening. Going beyond the recommended dosage can cause a few side effects, like:

  • Anxiety
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Hunger
  • Sleepiness

How Long Does CBG Last?

Various factors determine how long CBG lasts in the system.

Amount Intake: 

Consuming a high CBG dose will cause it to remain in the system for a long time. Lower doses metabolize and excrete faster.

Intake Frequency:

Regularly consuming CBG causes it to build up in your system and remain there for extended periods. Occasional consumption won’t let it stay for long.


Our metabolisms vary. So, different people’s bodies metabolize and excrete CBG differently.

How Long Does CBG Last?

How Does CBG Make You Feel?

Different people experience different effects. Some experience alertness and focus, while others may feel relaxed. It depends on the dose you take. Lower doses usually produce mild effects. But CBG is devoid of THC and is non-intoxicating. It means you won’t get high.

Is CBG Legal?

It is legal in the US if it contains no more than 0.03% THC by dry weight. Most CBG products like CBG Hemp Flower, gummies, oil are available in the market are legal. You can order online or visit your local store. However, while decriminalized, hemp-derived products may not be legal everywhere. So, it is best to acquaint yourself with local laws and regulations.

Does CBG Make You Sleepy?

How to Use CBG?

There are many ways to take CBG, from edibles and topicals to vapes and smokables. You may love gummies and capsules to start with. Topicals are good for those looking to relieve physical discomfort.

Where to Buy CBG?

You can order online or buy from a CBG store near you. If you want uncompromised quality and maximum effects, choose Green Herbal Care. We are trusted by many for our commitment to offering you the purest products.

Seek Professional Help to Learn More About CBG

You may talk to a naturopathic doctor to gain information on CBG. They are more well-versed in herbs than traditional doctors. You may also email us your queries or seek assistance from one of our in-store attendees.

Once satisfied with what you learn, you can choose CBG as your daily wellness support. There is a wide variety of products, from CBG hemp flower for smokers to CBG gummies for sweet lovers. You may try one of your choices and find out if it complements your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBG have THC?

No. CBG is non-psychoactive. It does not contain THC.

Will CBG show up on a drug test?

Drug tests do not detect CBG. However, frequent usage may leave traces of the compound in your system, and if a test is designed to detect CBG, it may trigger a positive result.

Can CBG make me sleepy?

Yes. Many users use CBG to improve their sleep quality. However, its effects may vary from one user to another.

How is CBG different from CBD?

They differ in respective molecular structures. Some of their effects may vary, such as CBG may be an appetite stimulant, whereas CBD may be an appetite suppressant.

Is CBG legal?

CBG is federally legal as long as it comes from hemp plants containing no more than 0.3% THC.

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