Can CBG Cause a High? What You Need to Understand

Can CBG Cause a High? What You Need to Understand

No. Studies suggest that CBG does not produce the intoxicating effect we call “high”.

Cannabis has proven to be a versatile plant, with one new cannabinoid discovery now and then. So far, we know about the existence of about 111 cannabinoids. Among them, CBD is the most popular, and THC is many people’s favorite. However, there is a new player in the game - cannabigerol (CBG).

It is an expensive and scarce cannabinoid, and few brands sell the genuine stuff. The cannabis plant produces it in significantly lower concentrations than CBD or THC. While the industry calls it the mother of all cannabinoids, there is still plenty to discover.

Can You Get High From CBG?

CBG is not psychoactive, so it does not get you high. Various studies have shown that CBG may also work against the intoxicating effects of THC. It can activate the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptors, similar to CBD, reducing the high of THC and relaxing the body and mind.

Some users may experience a slight feeling of excitement or glee. But they are unlikely to feel dizzy or intoxicated by consuming CBG.

Does CBD and CBG Work Together?

Yes. CBD and CBD can work in tandem. Many users report that taking them together gives a more effective outcome than consuming only one. It is especially beneficial against pain and bad mood. For a more in-depth look into it, check out our blog on the benefits of CBD and CBG together.

What Does CBG Feel Like?

The effects of CBG can differ depending on individual users. While some say it helps them feel relaxed, others say it makes them alert.

Firstly, the cannabinoid’s effect varies from one person to another. Secondly, they will depend on the dose. For instance, a high dose may produce stronger effects.

Does CBG Make You Sleepy?

Yes. CBG can help you sleep better by reducing anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Users consume a few drops of CBG before bed to relax their muscles and de-stress their minds. A study shows that users said the compound is better than over-the-counter medicines for chronic pain (73.9%), depression (80%), insomnia (73%), and anxiety (78.3%).

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How to Take CBG Oil?

You can use it like CBD oil, such as placing a few drops under the tongue and holding them for a minute before ingestion. Or, you can add it to a food item. However, we recommend the sublingual method for better absorption. For more details, refer to our previous post.

How to Add CBG Oil to Your Daily Routine?

One of the perfect ways to consume CBG is to mix it with CBD oil. This way, you get access to the power of CBG for energizing effects, while CBD boosts mental and physical awareness. Since both work well together, you can use them to give your daily life a significant boost.

Is CBD or CBG Better for Anxiety?

We do not have enough evidence to claim that either compound treats anxiety, but initial studies show much potential as a means to reduce anxiety symptoms.

Both CBD and CBG interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body, regulating stress and mood. They are safe for consumption. However, we recommend starting with a low dose and eventually increasing it. Consult with a doctor before initiating a regimen.

What are the Benefits of CBG?

what are the benefits of cbg

Anecdotal studies have shown CBG to provide plenty of benefits, and it seems it works much better when combined with CBD. Let’s look at some of its therapeutic benefits.

Relief from Pain

Most cannabinoids provide relief from pain. Hence, CBD is popular among people suffering from chronic or acute pain. Mixing CBD and CBD oil creates a high level of entourage effect and offer better pain relief.

Protection against Bacterial Infections

Studies have shown cannabinoids to be effective against harmful bacterial infections. CBG acts similarly to an antibiotic called vancomycin. So, it seems like it should be highly effective against bacterial infections.

Enhances Mood

CBG interacts with the brain to prevent it from absorbing serotonin, improving the mood. On the other hand, CBG raises the brain’s anandamide levels, preventing enzymes from breaking it down and hindering depression symptoms. Combining CBG with CBD boosts moods, improving anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and manic syndrome.

Final Words

We hope we could answer your most concerning questions about CBG and its use. Consult with a professional for more information.

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