Duration of 0.3% THC Presence in Your System

Duration of 0.3% THC Presence in Your System

Marijuana users all around the world, have a common question when it comes to drug tests. And that is ‘how long does 0.3 THC stay in your system?’. Can a regular marijuana user fail a drug test? In this blog, we are going to uncover the answers to such questions, and would also know in detail about THC and its properties.

What is THC?

Owing to the advanced technologies that surround us presently, a majority of the population already knows what THC is, and to what is it related.

For those who are still unaware of the substance, Tetrahydrocannabinol (abbreviated as THC), is a compound that is commonly found in marijuana plants. What is it responsible for? Well, people who use marijuana, do it for a common thing- the psychoactive effect or the high. And THC is the compound responsible for this psychoactive effect in marijuana.

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How Does THC Work?

Inside the human brain, the cannabinoid receptors are all situated next to each other in a concentrated format. These receptors are responsible for movement, coordination, pleasure thinking, etc.

What THC does is, when smoked or ingested, it attaches itself to these cannabinoid receptors of the brain and begins to activate them. And activating these receptors affects a person’s senses like the way they walk, move around, think or even react to certain situations.

What THC does is, it enhances and stimulates the brain cells, which results in the release of a hormone called dopamine. This dopamine release activity is the main reason which causes psychoactivity in human beings. It also intervenes with the way we think and processes new information.

How Long Does 0.3 THC Stay in Your System?

Now let us address the main question that every marijuana user has. How long does it take to wash out of the system?

To state the fact, THC can stay inside the system for several days or weeks. Now, whether it gets detected during a drug test, or how much time it remains in the body, depends on some of the following factors-

  • How much quantity of marijuana one smokes?
  • The amount of fat present inside a person’s body.
  • What is the frequency of marijuana consumption of the user.
  • How much sensitive the drug test itself is.

The effect of marijuana, especially THC, has been seen to last longer in the human body, than any other substance. Alcohol too gets out of the system within a few hours after consumption.

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Can it Be Detected in A Drug Test?

Can 0.3 THC Be Detected in A Drug Test

THC can be detected in a user's hair, blood, or urine for quite some time after they've stopped using the drug. A saliva test, on the other hand, is only accurate for determining whether or not THC was recently consumed. This is because the body can metabolize THC after consumption.

THC is a chemical that dissolves in fats. What this means is that it can bind to the fatty tissue already present in your body. As a result, it will take longer for someone to eliminate THC from their system. Numerous averages can be drawn from the vast amount of research done on the frequency with which a drug test has detected marijuana. According to the study, there may be a 3-day window for detection after having smoked a marijuana cigarette.

  • It is possible that the detection window could be anywhere from five days to seven days for regular users who partake at least three to four times per week.

  • THC can be detected in the urine anywhere from three days to thirty days after use.

  • Even if you only smoke once or twice per day, marijuana will remain detectable in your system for at least 30 days on a drug test.

  • The effects of marijuana use can be detected in the saliva for at least a day. On the other hand, marijuana can be detected in the saliva of a healthy person for up to three days using a specially designed test.

  • THC can be detected in blood for about 4 hours.

  • To detect THC in your system up to 90 days after ingestion, hair tests are among the most sensitive tests available. Remember that the oil from your skin travels to your hair for these types of drug tests. Because of this, they may give a false positive result. Those who share close quarters with a THC user may also show up positive for the drug on a hair test.

Therefore, this is the most detailed way to understand how long does 0.3 THC stay in your system, and also can be detected via intrinsic drug tests that target specific areas of the body.

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