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THCA Exotic - Scented Marker Flower

THCA Exotic - Scented Marker Flower


Discover THCA Exotic - Scented Marker Flower, a premium hemp variety infused with unique, aromatic notes reminiscent of scented markers. Perfect for connoisseurs, this flower offers a distinctive sensory experience and elevated effects.

Key Features :

  • Natural Wellness
  • Holistic Approach
  • Wellness Support
  • Enhanced Relaxation
  • Balanced Living
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Scented Marker - Hybrid

This is the hybrid strain of 2024, and you don’t want to miss it. Its delightful fusion of fruity and skunky notes creates an aroma as distinctive as it is enticing. But fragrance is not all. It has a unique blend of effects catering to an array of needs and preferences, and its 33% THC offers the balance every flower lover seeks.

    Hybrid Strain

    33% THC

    Fruity Flavor

    Balanced Effects

Straight-Up Potent

A dense flower with a bright green and fiery orange hue covered in a gratuitous amount of trichomes makes it sticky and frosty. Beyond its visual appeal, it packs some serious potency. Experience a burst of aromatic hit when you open the jar and a flow of potent effects in no time.

All the Flavor for You

Enjoy a dynamic blend of funky earthy and sweet notes enhanced by a delicate peppery undertone you can feel in the aroma and taste buds. This harmonious mix of sweet and savory makes it the perfect driver for your flavorful sensory journey.

Effects You Desire

33% THC adds the perfect touch of euphoria to every session. This therapeutic blend offers relaxation, a carefree mindset, and discomfort relief. Both recreational and therapeutic effects seeking relief from the daily stresses of life will find solace in this true-to-comfort bud.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ellie McGuirk
Superb Quality

I am in love with these exotic buds.

Sean Ecuyer
Taste Sensation

A flavorful explosion! Earthy, sweet, and oh-so-satisfying on the palate.

Jaxon Alt
Flavorful Delight

A harmonious mix of sweet and savory notes. Perfect for a sensory journey!

Luke Fullarton
Therapeutic Treat

33% THC offers just the right touch of euphoria. Great for unwinding after a long day.

Balanced Buzz

Appreciate the balanced effects - euphoria without overwhelming sedation.

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THCA Exotic - Scented Marker Flower ⤓