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Nano Prime Plus - Cartridges Battery

Nano Prime Plus - Cartridges Battery


Unleash the future of vaping with the Nano Prime Plus, a testament to cutting-edge innovation. This vaporizer seamlessly combines the power and user-friendly design of the original Nano Prime, now optimized for oil cartridges.

Key Features :

  • Versatile Compatibility
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Optimized Design
  • Powerful Performance
  • Safety Assurance
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  • No Pesticides

  • Lab Tested


  • GMP Certified

  • FREE Shipping

Nano Prime Plus: Peak Convenience, Power, and Style

Experience convenience with one-button operation, automatic sensor control, and three variable voltage settings. The redesign includes improved access to the USB charging port and a balanced size and weight for maximum comfort.

The Nano Prime Plus kit includes a 360mAh Nano Prime Battery and a Micro USB Charger. Specifications: - Type: Lithium-Ion - Capacity: 360mAh - Voltage: Red: 3.2V, Green: 3.7V, Blue: 4.2V - Height: 3.88in - Diameter: 0.5in - Charger Type: 510 - Protection: Dual PCB/IC protection. Elevate your vaping journey with the Nano Prime Plus and embrace the perfect blend of technical prowess and compact design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Caught on fire while charging - not the blaze I was looking for

Was charging this unit while sleeping and woke up to a ball of fire, a screaming smoke alarm and the sound of the case being shot like a projectile. Entire Lithium battery core burned up. Lucky it didn't burn down my house. I reported this to Green Herbal Care and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Disappointed Green Herbal Care is still selling this item.

Arianna Lee
Long lasting performance

Very powerful. Serves a long lasting performance. Go for it.

Jameson Smith

Perfect size, powerful and reliable performance.

Brian K. Ventura
Best performance

I am extremely impressed with its performance. The battery life lasts all day and the cartridges are very easy to use.

Deborah R. Jones
Decent, But Has Its Quirks

It works fine with most cartridges, but the button can be a bit sensitive, leading to unintentional activations. Decent overall.

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