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Effective Stress Buster

Helped me achieve a state of calmness after a long workday. Reliable and potent.

Ultimate Relaxation!

Hits smoothly and relaxes like a dream.

Top-tier Quality

It's my go-to for ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

Smooth and Soothing

Enjoyed the mellow vibes.

Perfect Relaxation

Delivers on its promise of deep relaxation.

repeat fan

I go back-and-forth between this Delta, eight tincture and the Hometown hero tincture and I love this GHC one the best because of the flavors. Strawberry and Mango hit every time

Very Relaxing

Great for unwinding. Nice, mellow effects.

Best I've Tried

Smooth and flavorful. Amazing stress relief!

Soothing Effects

Soothing and helps focus. Balanced experience.

Amazing Relief

Great relief from stress and pain without heavy high.

Perfect Balance

Perfect balance of relaxation and focus. Smooth and flavorful.

Outstanding Quality

Provides a long-lasting, euphoric experience. Highly recommend!

GHC THCA Diamonds Dab
Charles Mingay
Best Dab Ever

Exceptional potency and purity.


Great for deep relaxation.

Smooth and Effective

The high was clean and strong.


Not my favorite but okay in a pinch.

Perfect Balance

Normal is smooth, flavorful, and just the right high.

Very Smooth

Normal variation is smooth with a rich taste. A new favorite!

Rich and Strong

Kief Covered is a flavor explosion. Great for special occasions.

Flavor Explosion

The Kief Covered pre-roll is intensely flavorful and satisfying.

Best Pre-Roll!

Smooth, rich flavors and perfect effects. My go-to for relaxation.

Good for Focus

I find this vape helpful for maintaining focus during the day. Very pleased.

Smooth and Flavorful

The vapor is exceptionally smooth and flavorful.

Excellent for Pain Management

The combination of cannabinoids is perfect for my needs. Very impressed!

Great for Stress Relief

I've been using this vape for a week and it really helps with my stress.