What is the Average THC Percentage in Flower?

what is the average thc percentage in flower

Since you are here, you want to know more about THC, the most prominent component in hemp and perhaps the most favorite. It occurs naturally in hemp plants, and if you have bought hemp products before, you may have noticed that each of them has a different THC percentage. For most, understanding THC percentages can be difficult, and it can be harder to know how different THC levels will affect them. Let’s clear it up.

What Should You Look For?

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The idea is simple: the more the THC is, the stronger the effects are. Hemp flowers generally contain 15-25% THC. The natural THC limit is 35%, and anything above 25% is very potent. To find the perfect THC content, you need professional guidance, and that’s just what we have to offer.

  • Mild Psychoactive Effects: Hemp-derived flowers with 7-11.99% THC content. It equals approximately 70-119.99 mg of THC per gram. It is perfect for those seeking a mild high.
  • Moderate Psyhocative Effects: Flowers containing 12-16.99% or 120-169.99 mg of THC per gram have medium potency. It produces moderate psychoactive effects.
  • Strong Psychoactive Effects: Anything above 17-20% (170-200 mg of THC per gram) produces strong psychoactive effects. It is also the most common THC concentration in the market.

What THC Percentage is Good for Beginners?

Starting slow and gradually increasing the THC content is the best way to enter the group of THC lovers. It will help avoid the undesirable effects of THC and prevent feeling overwhelmed.  The best strength to start with is 5% to 15%. It will help you enjoy a milder and manageable high.

What Happens When You Use High THC Concentration?

If you are not used to high potencies, you are more likely to experience unsettling sensations than not, but they are not lethal. Potential side effects include anxiety, paranoia, and pronounced sensory perceptions, which can feel overwhelming. Physical side effects include red eyes, dry mouth, and increased heart rate.

Using too much THC may build tolerance in you, which will need you to consume increased amounts for the same effects. It can worsen underlying health issues. However, the preventive measure is simple - consume responsibly.

Is THCA Flower Sprayed?

Where Should You Draw the Line?

Personal preference comes first. If crossing a specific threshold makes you uncomfortable, do not cross it again.

THC’s effects can overwhelm most people who try it for the first time. The effects can be adverse for some. The best way to find your tolerance level is to start with small doses and less frequent usage, followed by a gradual increase in the dose. It will allow you to get comfortable with THC and your tolerance.

You have understood how to handle the THC content when using flowers, but several other factors affect a product’s overall potency. It is hard to predict how a product will feel based on its THC percentage. Most individuals react differently to the same product.

The flower’s strain, terpene profile, and your consumption method can influence the effects you experience. Pay attention to the strain’s terpene profile because it can help you predict the outcome to an extent. For instance, sativa flowers offer energizing effects, whereas indica is known as a relaxation stimulant.

What is a High THCa Percentage?

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We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and learned more about different THC concentrations. It can help you make informed decisions.

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