Utilizing Delta-8 Tincture: A User's Guide

Utilizing Delta-8 Tincture: A User's Guide

A Delta 8 tincture is a concentrated liquid comprising Delta-8 THC distillate. The potent Delta-8 THC distilled is diffused into a liquid base, such as hemp oil, MCT oil, or vegetable oil. Using it requires no extra effort. But if you need a detailed guide, you can try one of these four preferred means for daily use. You may also try them and determine which suits you the most.

Method #1: Drop and Swallow

It includes nothing different from a regular tincture. Squeeze the black rubber top. It will draw oil into the dropper. Squeeze it again to drop the liquid in your mouth. Swallow it.

Squeezing the dropper should suck up 1mL of Delta-8 oil. So, for instance, if 1mL of your chosen tincture is approximately 20mg of Delta 8 THC, and it is your first time trying it, we recommend you only use half a dropper to test your sensitivity to the compound.

Method #2: Go Sublingual

Similar to the first method but with a slight twist for maximum effectiveness. Start like you would the first method. But drop the oil in your mouth and hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds to one minute instead of swallowing immediately. The tiny capillaries under the tongue absorb the THC and produce faster effects, typically within 10 minutes.

The trick behind the effectiveness of this method is that you allow your bloodstream to directly absorb the compound instead of passing it through the digestive system and first-pass liver metabolism.

While regular Delta-8 THC oil may be a little uncomfortable to hold underneath the tongue because of its taste, flavored products significantly improve the experience.

Method #3: Try Mixing

Some may not like the taste of Delta-8 tincture. So, why not mix it with something you enjoy? But how do you mix oil with water? Well, you cannot. If you tried to add it to your beverage, it would not mix.

The result would be similar, where the oil would float on the water. So, your goal is to blend and quickly drink it before the compounds separate. We recommend using a blender to mix the oil evenly with your drink.

Method #4: Apply Topically

Not a fan of oral consumption? Fret not. You can apply the oil directly to your body. Since Delta-8 tinctures consist of carrier oil and Delta-8 distillate, they are apt as topicals.

But only use a small amount, approximately a few drops, because too much will feel greasy. What you can do instead is, take a few drops, rub them on your palms, and rub them on your skin before adding more.

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Can You Vape Delta-8 Tincture?

can you vape delta-8 tincture

We can give you a straight answer. But perhaps you need to know the hows and whys. Cannabinoids are oil soluble. It is the reason why tincture manufacturers use carrier oil. Since carrier oils are natural and digestible, they help the mouth absorb the Delta-8 into the bloodstream.

Now, can you vape a Delta-8 tincture? No, you cannot do it. The oil in it is not designed to be vaped, even though it might seem to work initially. Tincture oil is heavier, and the lungs cannot take it and instead cause lipoid pneumonia because it will cover the lung lining.

Although many call Delta-8 vape liquid oil, it is not oil. The lungs absorb vape oil as they easily evaporate when vaped. On the other hand, CBD tincture take a long time to vaporize, typically clogging the device’s mechanism.

Since Delta-8 distillate is concentrated, it is pure, potent, and offers various consumption methods. But distillates involve a complex manufacturing process and cost more. If you ingest it, the lack of a carrier oil prevents it from being appropriately absorbed.

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Final Words

Delta-8 THC is available in different products, such as tinctures, vape juice, gummies, and flowers. For lasting effects, tinctures and gummies work the best, whereas vaping gives faster effects with less duration.

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