How To Infuse Water With CBD? Essential Guide

How To Infuse Water With CBD? Essential Guide

While there are multiple elements we will cover on CBD here, we will start by answering your question. How can you mix CBD with water?

Have you tried doing it and failed, or prefer to know the steps before wasting precious time and money? Those who have infused CBD oil with water at home may have rediscovered that water and oil do not mix easily. So, what about commercial CBD-infused water available online?

Manufacturers spend on nanoemulsion technology to infuse the two by reducing the water’s surface tension. Water molecules are hard to separate. Nanoemulsion pulls them apart and allows the oil to interact with them.

Stirring the blend breaks down the CBD into microscopic droplets, preventing oil separation. So, CBD mixes well with water and also absorbs better into the body. Hence, buying CBD-infused water is better than making it at home.

Now that we know how to make CBD-infused water, we will dive into more important aspects of it.

What is CBD Water?

It is one of the newest products in the market. CBD water is a drinkable infused with CBD particles. You may already know what this compound is. It is hemp-derived + does not contain psychoactive properties = it does not get you high.

What Does CBD Water Do?

It is bioavailable. It means your body can absorb it quickly to help you enjoy the effects. While we may not have enough research, it may have twice or thrice more bioavailability than tinctures or edibles.

Let us look into the potential benefits of CBD water.

benefits of cbd water

It May Enhance Workout Recovery

CBD has proven to have therapeutic properties because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Reduced inflammation can help everyone. When this benefit is added to water, the product becomes more effective for athletes. Those who go to the gym or partake in high-intensity physical activities can reduce muscle soreness and stay hydrated.

It May Improve Heart Health

Although we cannot claim it, initial studies found that CBD may lower blood pressure and boost cardiovascular performance.

It May Help Reduce Anxiety

One of the primary benefits of CBD is its potential to lessen anxiety. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). By influencing the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it can reduce cortisol levels. A study on mice determined CBD’s interaction with serotonin levels, which may be its ability to decrease anxiety.

It May Fight Migraines

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties may treat migraine pain by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Most CBD water effects are not usually backed by scientific evidence. But these benefits are reported by many users. It is perhaps one of the reasons why this product is gaining increasing popularity.

Is CBD Water Safe?

Yes, it is safe for consumption. The water contains minimal amounts of the compound. So, you need not be worried at all. But how much CBD water should you drink to feel the effects?

It is a problem for many since most brands offer very little of this compound in their beverages. Also, the amount varies between brands. Usually, expect 2-5 mg of CBD in a water bottle. Hence, dosage recommendations can be complex.

While a minimum of 15 mg/day should be good for you, consult your doctor or a professional before administering it yourself.

At Green Herbal Care, our product sports 10 mg of nano CBD in every bottle and tastes like regular, perhaps even better, clean water.

Where to Buy CBD Water?

You have many places to buy CBD water or CBD-infused drinks, Opt for a brand you have researched and found suitable for your needs. Consider reading customer testimonials, blogs, and reviews on popular websites to help choose the right product and brand.

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