Does CBD Oil Go Bad? Exploring CBD Oil Shelf Life

does cbd oil go bad

Like any other natural product with an expiration date, CBD tincture or oil degrades and expires over time. While this product usually has a shelf life of 1-2 years, various factors like CBD type and ingredients can affect it. Here is a look at everything you should know about it.

What Happens if You Use Expired CBD Oil?

Consuming a small amount of expired CBD oil is unlikely to show any noticeable side effects. However, CBD’s potency goes down with time; hence, expect no desired effects. You will not get the therapeutic benefits associated with CBD by consuming expired oil.

How Can You Tell if CBD Oil Has Expired?

CBD oil has a lifespan of approximately two years, and improper storage can hasten its expiry date. So, how can you tell if your oil is expired? Here are the signs:

  • Thickness: Its texture will feel off. The oil may feel thicker at regular temperature or look like it is separating in the bottle.
  • Color: It may look different. If you see that the oil is murky or darker than it originally was, the compounds may have started to break down.
  • Smell: CBD oil usually smells natural with a mild earthy aroma. However, if it smells pungent or rotten, dispose of it.
  • Taste: Did you take a few drops in your mouth, and your unflavored CBD oil seems to have developed a flavor? An unpleasant or bitter flavor indicates it may have expired.
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What Factors Affect CBD Oil’s Shelf Life?

cbd oil shelf life

Various elements help determine how long a bottle of CBD oil will last once opened. When you identify them, you will know the steps to preserve the product. Here are the factors that you should consider.

  • Ingredients: Did you ever wonder if the ingredients in a product have respective expiration dates? Every ingredient in a bottle of CBD tincture has its expiry date, and they can reduce the average shelf life of the product. For instance, an expired flavoring will cause the oil to degrade before its expiration date.
  • Quality: Why does every article ask you to buy products from a reputable seller? The reason is quality. Reliable suppliers sell quality products that last longer because they contain pure ingredients. Non-organic hemp grown in poor conditions may contain harmful contaminants, which can harm the user and accelerate the expiry date.
  • CBD Type: The CBD used in the product also affects its shelf life. So, an oil containing CBD isolate usually lasts longer than other extract types because it is purer. On the other hand, a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD may expire sooner because they may have other substances like essential oils and waxes.
  • Extraction Technique: It matters, too. The extraction method affects CBD’s concentration and the stability of its compounds. The CO2 extraction method enhances the CBD yielded from the plant. So, you get purer oil with an extended shelf life. Other extraction methods, like ethanol extraction, likely shorten the product’s lifespan. So, understanding the extraction method before buying is crucial.
  • Packaging: Check the container before buying a CBD tincture. Choose dark-colored, opaque, and airtight containers as they minimize light and heat exposure, helping maintain the expected shelf life.
  • Storage: How you store CBD is integral to its lifespan. Light exposure and high temperatures can accelerate the expiration date.
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How to Store CBD Oil?

CBD oil is sensitive to temperature, oxygen, and light exposure. It necessitates appropriate storage to retain its freshness and potency.

Store CBD oil like any other oil, whether coconut, olive, or other cooking oil. Protect it from excessive air, heat, and light using an airtight container. Premium CBD oil uses medical-grade airtight glass bottles to reduce temperature and light exposure. Here are a few other tips to preserve your CBD oil’s freshness:

  • Keep the oil in its original container to secure it from air exposure
  • Store it at room temperature: 16-21°C
  • Store it in a dark place away from sunlight
  • Keep it away from potential extreme temperature sources of heat or cold (stoves, AC, windows)
  • Always use a clean spoon or dropper every time to avoid bacteria and contaminants
  • Ensure closing the bottle properly after use to prevent air exposure.

CBD tincture expires. However, it typically has a long shelf life, which should be enough even if you don’t use it regularly. Choosing a premium CBD products and storing it properly can help maintain its potency and freshness while retaining its original shelf life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can expired CBD oil hurt you?

Consuming a small amount of expired CBD oil will not hurt you. However, it won’t produce the desired effects.

How long does CBD oil stay fresh?

The original shelf life of CBD oil is 1-2 years from the manufacturing date, after which it starts to lose its potency.

What happens when you mix CBD and CBG?

Mixing CBD and CBG may enhance their therapeutic effects, as they can have a synergistic interaction known as the entourage effect.

Does unopened CBD oil expire?

Yes. Like most natural products, CBD tincture or oil can expire after crossing its shelf life, even if the bottle is unopened.

Can you use expired CBD oil?

There is no point in using expired CBD oil because it is no longer potent and will not produce the expected benefits.

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