CBD and CBG: What's the Differences and Benefits?

CBD and CBG: What's the Differences and Benefits?

The cannabis industry has evolved quite significantly since its products started showing signs of health benefits according to research. The most common cannabinoid found in cannabis plants is THC, which is the ‘psychoactive’ factor causing people to get high. But, other than THC, cannabis also consists of various other cannabinoids, out of which CBD and CBG are a part. Now, one may ask what’s the difference between CBD and CBG. Well, this blog is going to cover that part in detail!

CBG - a Short Glimpse

First, let us start our discussion with CBG. CBG is an abbreviated form of Cannabigerol. It is one of the 115 cannabinoids found inside the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is more popularly known as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids.’ Why is that so?

Well, studies say that all forms of other cannabinoids are being formulated or derived from Cannabigerolic Acid (CBG-A). The CBG-A happens to be an acidic form of CBG. When this particular acidic form of CBG-A is put in contact with heat, the compound breaks down and forms CBG. Not only that, along with CBG, compounds like CBD, THC, and Cannabichromene (CBC) are also formed.

A surprising fact is that CBG is present in very miniature quantities amongst all other cannabinoids in a Cannabis plant. Amongst most cannabis plants, the presence of CBG is a mere 1%, whereas CBD and THC presence is significantly greater (about 25% and 30% respectively). That is the reason why CBG is also known as a minor cannabinoid.

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CBD - a Short Glimpse

Now let us move on to another cannabinoid- CBD. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the major cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Out of all the cannabinoids found in the Sativa strain of Cannabis plant, THC or to be precise, Delta 9 THC is the most abundant. It is the substance that causes ‘high’ for which people mostly consume cannabis. And out of the two plant variants- marijuana and hemp, THC content can be found the maximum in the marijuana plant. The hemp plant surprisingly consists of a very little percentage of THC, and that is the source from where CBD is found.

What is The Difference between CBD and CBG?

Now that we have understood what CBD and CBG are, let us learn about the differences that these two compounds have between them.

CBD and CBG, although have a lot of similarities, have distinctive features based on the following factors-

  • CBD and CBG both have significant differences in their molecular or chemical structures. The arrangement of Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen atoms is vastly different. Both of the compounds have distinguishable three-dimensional shapes. What happens because of this is that both of these compounds interact differently with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. This molecular structure also poses an impact on the bioavailability of the compounds.

  • There is also a difference between the two compounds when it comes to how these two activate the receptors of the neurotransmitters. Research conducted on the interaction of CBD and CBG on the 5-HT1A showed that CBG portrays signs of blocking the receptor. In other words, it performs like an antagonist. On the other hand, CBD activates this particular receptor, making it look like an agonist.

  • Even though both these compounds have stimulating effects on the appetite of a person, they both are different in the manner of stimulation. Experimentation involving lab rats showed that the ones supplemented with CBG had consumed a lot more food. While the ones supplemented with CBD showed a significant reduction in overall food intake.

CBD vs CBG - the Difference in Therapeutic Effects

CBD vs CBG Unique Therapeutic Effects

Well, let’s look at another set of differentiation which might also be called as ‘benefits’ of both of these compounds-

CBG, unlike CBD, does not have any psychoactive properties. It offers the following therapeutic benefits when consumed-

  • It consists of anti-cancerous properties.
  • It also has properties related to anti-biotics.
  • It is considered to have potential anti-bacterial properties.
  • It acts as a great appetite stimulator.

CBD has mild psychoactive effects. But unlike THC, the psychoactivity is not overwhelming, but rather mellow.

CBD offers the following therapeutic effects to a consumer-

  • It acts as great stress and anxiety reliever.
  • It offers pain relief and has anti-inflammatory characteristics.
  • It acts as a great therapy against sleep deprivation.
  • It offers great neuroprotective properties as well.

Note: Research, studies, and experiments are still being conducted on these two compounds. The reason behind this is that there are a lot more things to know and find out about these compounds to fully understand their potential and hazards.

Therefore, these are some of the facts related to CBD and CBG that everyone should be aware of if they want answers to the question “what’s the difference between CBD and CBG.”

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