Are CBD Treats Good For Dogs? A Complete Guide

are cbd treats good for dogs

CBD may be a healthy element to add to your dog’s daily life, but are CBD treats ideal for your furry friends? Some pet owners believe CBD treats are not beneficial for dogs and can worsen their problems. Today, we will take a closer look and unveil the truth.

Are CBD Dog Treats Safe?

Yes, CBD dog treats are safe. However, let us explore the concern to eliminate any doubts.

We understand why some dog owners cannot easily rely on CBD pet treats. The main reason is that the market has many CBD-infused pet products, and most are expensive and ineffective.

Many argue that CBD dog treats are not FDA-approved, but so are fish oil, glucosamine, and many human-approved prescription medications used in veterinary practice are not.

Some veterinarians are against or hesitant to suggest CBD dog treats, whereas others discuss their pros and cons to help dog owners make better choices.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can help treat some conditions. CBD works by affecting the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the body’s largest system. This system has receptors across the body, including the brain and nervous system, which influence various functions like mood, pain perception, learning, and motor coordination.

Hence, CBD treats containing the compound enter the system and work towards the benefit of your furry friend.

CBD for Dogs 101

Do CBD Dog Treats Work?

do cbd dog treats work

Yes, CBD treats work as an effective natural supplement. However, not all are created equal. Maybe this is why some people are worried about choosing these products for their pets. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying the products.

No Baked CBD Treats

Baked treats are a no-no for your pet. CBD begins to break down at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and is completely broken at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Broken down CBD loses its bioavailability and is not absorbed well into the animal’s body. No absorption means no benefits.

No Artificial Additives

Avoid treats containing artificial preservatives because your dogs do not need them, and they can harm them instead. Artificial preservatives have only one benefit: make the product last longer without expiring.

Flavoring agents are synthetic, especially sweeteners, and can transport yeast and bad bacteria into your pet’s tummy. The same goes for coloring agents. If a CBD dog treats looks colorful, it likely contains artificial coloring for your eyes. Dogs do not care about colors, and this additive may harm them.

No Grains

Check for grains and carbohydrates in the treats. If you notice any, look for another product. Grains and carbs enrich the yeast and bacteria in the dog’s body, leading to inflammation and chronic problems you may have wanted to treat in the first place.

No Peanut Butter

Even if your dog loves it, do not give any peanut butter. If a CBD dog treat is peanut butter-flavored, do not buy it.

Peanut butter contains aflatoxins, which are molds that cause cancer. It may also contain glyphosate, which can advance cancer risk by 41%. Farmers spray it on peanuts for more yields and quick harvest.

Is CBD Oil Different For Dogs And Humans?

Where To Buy CBD Dog Treats?

At Green Herbal Care, we have premium lab-tested GHC CBD dog treats. Non-GMO, GMP-certified, and pesticide-free, each product has been carefully tested and designed to give your pet the best experience. Choose what your pet likes: Grain-Free Mini Bones, Cheese Wraps, Bacon Bites, or Cheddar Bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD treats help dogs with anxiety?

Yes, CBD dog treats may help reduce stress levels and anxiety in your pets. Pets with separation anxiety have been seen to show reduced rage and misbehavior.

How many CBD treats for dogs?

The right dosage depends on the dog’s size, weight, and needs. Consult with your veterinarian to understand the appropriate dosage.

How long for CBD dog treats to work?

It varies for every dog. Some may experience relief from problems within 30 minutes, while others may take a few hours. Patience and consistency are essential for the best results.

Can cats have CBD dog treats?

Cats can eat CBD dog treats too. However, we recommend your feline friend CBD Pet Treats Cat/Dog Treats Mix instead of products designed specifically for dogs.

Can dogs overdose on CBD treats?

It is uncommon for dogs to overdose on CBD. Always administer the correct dosage after talking to the vet. High doses may cause drowsiness and diarrhea.

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