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A smooth, no-stress pre-roll that’s packed with pure HHC

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Unwind after a long and stressful day with a few draws of our premium HHC pre-roll. Each roll packs 50mg of pure, locally sourced hemp-derived HHC for a relaxing closure to a long day. We have made sure you get nothing less than the best experience. Skip past the intricacies of grinding the grass, licking the paper, cutting a roach, or rolling with perfection, and get right down to business.

HHC Pre-roll Benefits

New but hugely popular, HHC brings all the effects of THC to the table. But it has its uniqueness. Enjoy a cannabinoid more potent than CBD and less than Delta-8. Here are the benefits.

● Uplifts the mood

● Gets you euphoric

● Calms the mind

● Relieves pain

● Improves sleep

● Reduces stress


Full Spectrum Hemp, Unrefined Brown Pre-Rolled Cones

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Product Type Full Spectrum
Cannabinoids HHC
MG 20mg
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What is HHC Cannabinoid?

The chemical name for cannabis is HHC. The cannabis plant contains traces of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) obtained from hemp. HHC interacts with the human body's endocannabinoid system (or ECS) to create a variety of emotions and effects, both physical and mental, just like its cannabinoid cousins THC and CBD, whose acronyms are identical.

How is HHC Produced?

Roger Adams, an American chemist, developed HHC in 1944. It is a chemical substance generated from hemp. Adams observed that the hydrogenation process, which involves adding hydrogen molecules to delta-9 THC, causes a chemical reaction that changes THC into HHC. Originally, THC from the cannabis plant was used in this procedure, but today, the majority of HHC comes from hemp.

Is HHC Synthetic?

HHC is generally regarded as a semi-synthetic cannabis. HHC is still a naturally occurring cannabinoid, but because it is semi-synthetic, it requires some human assistance to be successfully grown.

Is HHC Safe?

Although all available research indicates that HHC is equally safe to use as any other cannabinoid, we cannot answer this with certainty because there is not currently sufficient science-backed data on HHC to claim absolute safety. Even though we think using HHC is safe, it is essential to you research to ensure you are happy with the HHC you are ingesting and where it is coming from.

Always make purchases from reliable companies that are open and honest about their operations. In other words, they will answer all your queries and make their full panel lab test results for all of their products available to the public.

Is HHC Legal?

Any list you find online needs to be as current as possible because cannabis legality in the US is always changing. HHC is subject to the same legal ambiguities as other cannabinoids, including variations on a state and federal level, like any other cannabis product.

How is HHC Consumed?

HHC can be ingested in the same way that CBD and THC are. However, because it is still very new, there are not many options available. HHC is currently available as tinctures, edibles, and vapes.

Does HHC Make You Feel High?

You can get high from HHC, yes. But each person's experience will vary depending on their physiology, body constitution, cannabis product tolerance, and general health. HHC will, however, provide you with a different experience if you have used other cannabinoids like CBD, Delta-8 THC, or Delta-9 THC.

All user reports that describe the effects of HHC are anecdotal, although many have described a smooth and cerebral "high" that is a little more mellow than Delta-9 but a little more energising than Delta-8. Furthermore, most users claim that HHC is more potent than Delta-8 but less potent than Delta-9.

Can a Drug Test Detect HHC?

Although HHC is not THC, there has not been much study done on whether it regularly shows up on drug tests. While using HHC, some users claim to have passed drug tests, while others claim that HHC indicated their tests as positive. We do not advise taking a drug test if you have consumed HHC during the previous 4 weeks.

Lab Reports

Purity and safety are our forerunners. At Green Herbal Care, we prioritize your experience. Every product is crafted to offer you every benefit of hemp.

Our products are tested for authenticity with an accredited third-party lab to ensure safety. Get a detailed report here.

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