Delta-8 THC Cinna Crunch Squares

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A gourmet cinnamon and sugar delight paired with Delta-8 THC.

Sugar tapers but transforms the distinct warm flavor of cinnamon. Put that on toasted wheat flakes, add rice cereal, bind them with gooey melted marshmallows, and you're in for a delight. And with 400mg of Delta-8 THC, it's not just the cinnamon that's getting mellowed out.
And finally, being a "square" isn't bad in all cases. Especially when it comes to Delta-8 THC edibles. With their soft texture, you can easily divvy up our Delta 8 Cinna Crunch Squares into the amount that suits what you're looking for.
In fact, we scored them in 100mg squares to help you along the way. That's right, squares within a square...which is why it's called Cinna Crunch Squares. But remember, always start off small.
So if you're looking for a gourmet baked good with the tingly flavor of cinnamon sugar paired with the soft embrace of Delta-8, look no further. Hometown Hero's Delta 8 Cinna Crunch Squares have got you (and your tastebuds) covered.
  • 400mg of Delta-8 scored in 100mg quarters for easy sharing (or you can eat it all, we don't judge)
  • Discreet appearance makes snacking on the go easy
  • Consumable, which means longer-lasting effects...and less things to carry when you're out and about
  • Contains natural Delta-8 extracted from hemp grown here in the U.S.A.
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Cannabinoids Delta 8 THC
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