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Ignite all your senses with premium THCA Dab from the house of Green Herbal Care. Packing potent THCA Isolate, this wax is rich in terpenes to offer a superior experience with every hit. If you are looking for the highest quality dabs at a minimal price, you’ve found your mojo.

Key Features :

  • Elevate Your Experience
  • Pure Potency
  • Seamless Dabbing
  • Natural Bliss
  • Trusted Source
  • Category vape
  • Cannabinoids thca
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    • No Pesticides

    • Lab Tested

    • NON GMO

    • GMP Certified

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    Our potent THCA Dab is here to help you on your journey to exquisite elation. We don’t have rocketships, but our high-quality dab will let you command your own fun time. Brought to you by people’s #1 choice for hemp-derived pleasure.

    2 Delightful Strains:

    Gorilla Glue - Indica:

    The idea of tranquility knows none other than our Gorilla Glue - Indica THCA dab strain. Melt into deep relaxation with calming effects and earthy notes that soothe your senses. We have two words for you: elevate, unwind!

    Cereal Milk - Hybrid:

    Enter the realm of blissful harmony with Cereal Milk - Hybrid dab strain. Delightful flavor and balanced effects converge to offer a sweet escape that excites your mind and palate.

    Key Features:

    Pure Potency:

    Offers the raw potential of pure cannabinoids for an unadulterated and authentic experience.

    Enhanced Terpene Profile:

    Brings you closer to the symphony of natural aromas and flavors. A boosted terpene profile creates a multisensory journey with every hit.

    Diverse Strains:

    Offers the best strain selection, each offering unique characteristics and effects for a tailored experience.

    Seamless Dabbing:

    Crafted for smooth and hassle-free dabbing, our THCA Dab ensures you enjoy every session like a breeze.


    Our THCA Dab is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. Use responsibly and comply with local laws and regulations. It contains concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes and should not be used by minors. We do not encourage or endorse illegal or underage use of our products. Do not consume before or during the operation of vehicles or heavy machinery. Do not use if you have existing medical conditions, are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Individual experiences may vary, and various factors can influence the effects. Consult with a qualified healthcare professional before using our products. If you experience adverse reactions, discontinue use and seek immediate medical attention.