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The Aegis is designed for easy use and efficiency. It has a unique silicon filter for clean vapor, making it easy to remove and clean. The advanced convection method prevents dry herbs from touching the heating element, leading to longer-lasting herbs.

Key Features :

  • Convection Heating
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Fast and Easy Refill
  • High-Speed Heat Up Time
  • Easy Access Mouthpiece
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  • No Pesticides

  • Lab Tested


  • GMP Certified

  • FREE Shipping

The Aegis: Elevating Your Dry Herb Vaping Experience to New Heights

The Aegis is the perfect companion for convection dry herb vaping. It has top-notch construction, an innovative design, and a comfortable feel. The hard anodized chamber and advanced heating system ensure dynamic vaporization without harming the device. The convection-based air heating produces flavorful vapor without burning herbs directly, making your product last longer.

The advanced silicone filtration system keeps vapor pure and is easy to clean. With a powerful 1650mAh battery and OLED screen, the Aegis is convenient and user-friendly. It stands out with its high-grade, heat-resistant materials, offering a superior experience compared to other devices. The quick access mouthpiece allows for easy refilling. The Aegis is a powerful, portable, and exceptional dry herb vape device.