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RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray

RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray

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    Elevate your RAWling game with the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray! Designed and tested for 14 months, this tray features three panels with unique functions. Use it all together or detach a panel for a customized experience. The locking magnet system offers eight configurations. Integrated ashtray included.
    Prepare for the ultimate RAWling experience with the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray. This meticulously designed tray took 14 months of craftsmanship to create a versatile masterpiece.


    • Versatile Design:
    Boasting three panels, each serving a special purpose, this tray offers more than you'll ever need. Whether you're rolling alone or with friends, this tray has you covered. Need extra space? Simply detach a panel and customize your setup.


    • Locking Magnet System:
    The innovative locking magnet system allows for eight unique configurations, ensuring endless possibilities. Whether you prefer a spacious rolling surface or a compact prep tray, this tray adapts to your needs.


    • Convenience at Hand:
    Featuring an integrated ashtray, this tray keeps things neat and convenient. Say goodbye to searching for an ashtray or worrying about ash spilling over your workspace.


    • Premium Bamboo Construction:
    Crafted from premium bamboo, this 16" x 10" tray combines functionality with eco-friendly aesthetics. Enjoy the natural beauty of bamboo while indulging in your RAWling rituals.


    • Take Your RAWling to the Next Level:
    Inspiring creativity and elevating your RAWling game, the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray is a must-have accessory for enthusiasts. Whether you're rolling with friends or working on your masterpiece, this tray ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. Upgrade your RAWling game today with the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray and embrace the art of rolling in style.

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