Delta-8 THC eLiquid

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Handcrafted light, mellow strawberry flavor paired with Delta-8 for an easygoing experience. Just shake, pour, and enjoy.

  • 30ml light strawberry flavored vape juice
  • 1,500mg Delta-8 THC per bottle
  • Ideal for pod-based vaporizers

A light flavoring of the bright, mellow sweetness of strawberries, the comforting embrace of Delta-8, and your favorite vaporizer. All of them come together for our Light Strawberry Delta-8 Vape Juice.

This e-liquid is optimized for pod-based vapes, and will have you on cloud nine while you’re puffing clouds. But besides bringing Delta-8 to your favorite vape, we crafted this vape juice to promote a gentler “laid-back” feeling.

  • 30ml of vape juice for multiple sessions of enjoyment
  • Mix featuring 1,500mg Delta-8 prepared for a lighter experience
  • Formulated for most vaping systems, ideal for those that are pod-based
  • Handcrafted light strawberry flavor means no DIY-ing (or mess) necessary
  • 100% nicotine free for a broader range of preferences

Having options is always a good thing. And we think the same applies to vaping Delta-8. Now don’t get us wrong. We love carts and disposables, but it never hurts to open up the possibilities. This Delta-8 vape juice can be used with most vaporizers, but it especially works well with pod-based systems.

Each bottle features 1,500mg of hemp-derived THC and our handcrafted light strawberry flavor. Now we know that many vape enthusiasts like to take a “DIY” approach with their juice . But with our expert knowledge and refined processes, there’s no need for gloves, messes, or measuring. Just crack open the bottle, load it up, and enjoy.

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