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Vegan CBD Infused Gummies

Are you living a busy lifestyle? You don’t have time to use a dropper every time you need to take your daily dose? Green Herbal Care offers a guilt-free treat with vegan CBD gummy. Vegan, organic, and certified by the US Hemp Authority. What’s not to love?

Choose from a wide variety of CBD Gummies to get a flavorful blast of wellness-boosting CBD. We have formulated our vegan CBD gummy so that you can enjoy your dose of happiness! But that’s not all. Our range include Full Spectrum CBD + Delta-9 THC products to include gummies, giving you a boost of legal, hemp-derived THC “chill.”

At Green Herbal Care, these CBD vegan gummies are by far our favorite product. Our gummies are made from our proprietary blend of CBD-rich strains, and are extracted to preserve the original cannabinoid profile of our plants.

Those on-the-go users who need a natural way to relax in the evening after completing their duties will find these products ideal. CBD infused gummies are perfect for controlling the amount of CBD you consume every day as they deliver the exact same amount each time.

CBD vegan gummies from Green Herbal Care are a fun and convenient way to get hemp-derived goodness.

Green Herbal Care offers organic ingredients, transparent farming practices, and transparency second to none. Why wait? Browse our entire selection and order your vegan CBD gummy, today!