Delta-9 THC Rainbow Squares

Nostalgia hits hard and takes you high while you enjoy a bite of our Delta-9 THC Rainbow Squares. Experience crispy, fruity rice cereal to chew on once the delicious marshmallow melts on your tastebuds.
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More Than Nostalgia in Every Bite.

Indulge in the reminiscence of your childhood with Delta-9 THC Rainbow Squares twice as good. Evoke memories of your childhood mornings with a slight twist - the goodness of hemp. Pure ingredients bound to our lab-tested products offer nothing less than the best. Legality guaranteed, Green Herbal Care ensures the Rainbow Squares only contains 0.3% THC by dry weight. So, you can enjoy every bit of your favorite cannabinoid in a tasty gourmet.

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Product Type Isolate
Cannabinoids Delta 9 THC
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