GHC Redefines CBD Edibles with the Launch of Delta-9 THC Infused Cookies


{Austin, 19-July-23} - GHC, a leading brand in the CBD products industry is thrilled to announce that the Delta-9 THC Cookie has finally been launched. These delectable cookies are infused with Delta-9 THC, offering a unique and unrivaled experience for CBD enthusiasts and those seeking a balanced dose of THC. The product got launched last week and is already creating significant hype.

With two irresistible flavors- The White Chunk Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Chip, and a carefully curated list of high-quality ingredients, these new products promise to revolutionize the CBD market and captivate consumers seeking an elevated CBD encounter.

“We are ecstatic to launch GHC Delta-9 THC Cookie, a game-changer in the CBD industry. This remarkable product combines CBD goodness with the power of Delta-9 THC, offering an unmatched experience for CBD enthusiasts.”

Oz Millman, CEO of Green Herbal Care


Experience the next level of CBD indulgence with GHC Delta-9 THC Cookies. With its unmatched flavor profiles, carefully selected ingredients, and the perfect balance of CBD and Delta-9 THC, these cookies are set to redefine your CBD journey.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary offering. Visit our website at to learn more about GHC Delta-9 THC Cookie and to place your order today. 

Elevate your CBD experience with GHC and discover a new realm of blissful relaxation and enjoyment.

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